New Year, New JavaScript Brain

2015 rolled on in and I'm feeling the itch to learn JavaScript from scratch...

var newJavascriptBrain = true;
    if (newJavascriptBrain === true) {
        alert("Fill this up with stuff!");

(Note: Not for testing)

After a few years in web designing and development, I am starting to grow into a different area of the web which I am truly keen to learn and that is JavaScript.

So far, I have learnt about variables (number, strings, booleans), if/if else statement, while loop and expressions. It is a small scratch on the surface right now. Next up on the list is to learn about functions.

What I do find helps a lot is to constantly write crap. I do remember the days of designing and developing websites from day one was crap, utterly rubbish that I was proud of it. You have to start somewhere to get experience and learn along the way.

I am incredibly fortunate to land a good job where my line manager is keen for me to get going in coding in JavaScript. I have always managed to hack together codes and always skim over to understand. It is no joke when that happens and I always feel a pang of guilt. Sure you can fire up jQuery and do a little bit of coding where you don't have to do some of the heavy lifting but heck, I am not learning anything worthwhile.

Coding is one of my areas I want to develop so much in and always have been frustrated easily when I couldn't understand. It's the Beware the Smart Person's Mirage when it comes to the classic Fizz Buzz solving. Sometimes I cannot 'see' the issue due to the frustration of UNDERSTANDING instead of PLAYING with the code. I had an issue last week where I failed to understand the answer was staring at me in the face when trying to resolve an issue with JavaScript + HTML5 local storage.

Neverless, I have to admit straight away that I can't get it or progress further. More practice was required and be damned if I can get something out of the door.

For now, I can put together simple stuff and using jQuery to get things going (does anyone feel that you are being nagged that the code should be more optimized?!).

I will be dumping code over at my github account, throwing up tweets on my twitter and generally becoming passionate (perhaps sweary) on this blog. It's a big ask from me, I would love to get people to help me to code better in JavaScript by pointing out good and well tried methods, hints to sort out my code mess if it gets out of hand and encourage me to be better, better, better!

Here goes nothing!

A Brief History of Graphics In Video Games

Watch this when you have an hour downtime to discover how graphics in video games has changed throughout history. Stuart Brown did a great job including putting classic games in his five part videos.

The HeadClutchers

Nicola Miller talks about how the media seems to use the HeadClutchers photos when it comes to talking about mental illness and what is best to use.

I never understood why the media wants to select moody and meaningless photos where the rest of us are begging for happiness and positivity.

Link: Here come the headclutchers

The Woman Behind Apple's First Icons

Great coffee break reading material about how Susan Kare designed Apple's first icons.

The dogcow is still my favourite after all these years.

Also, check out Susan Kare's store for prints. I have my eye on the coffee poster!

Web Accessibility - Don't make me think!

Southern Electricity is in the crosshair this afternoon after they think it is a great idea to force their customers (new and old) to watch a video when landing on their site.

Southern Electric Video

In Web Accessibility 101, this is a no-no.

Class dismissed.