The simple things

Sometimes it can be done in minutes.

Sometimes it can be a while.

Sometimes it can really drags you down.

That is what happened to me recently when it comes to a simple piece of JavaScript code which was written out in probably a minute.

I spent a few hours and yet I couldn't understand why it didn't work.

Turns out it was something else in the code. I was muttering for ages feeling that time was wasted. Sat back and thought about what I have done and learnt in the process. Research, playing with code, understanding how it works.

The simple things in life requires you to learn more.

It reminds me of a quote I have read somewhere some times ago...

"Give a man a fish, he will feed himself for a day, Teach a man how to fish, he will feed himself for the rest of his life."

Nothing is easy from the get go!

Early website.


Did I really created this pile of shit information homepage errr.. page back in the late 90s?

I was innocent okay? I had zero designing experience, discovered that html has to be in CAPS and I had giggles of fits ... look whatever okay?!

Christ, that IE button was the shit in them days.

I WAS 18! LOOK! APARTMENT ON THE NET. That was Angel Fire... or was it Geocities? We didn't have PHP to play around with and every goddamn HTML page were edited.

Seriously. I was innocent.

*sobs into his whisky jar*

Max Headroom

If you grew up in the 80s like me, you would remember some awesome and on the flip side of the coin, bizarre shows.

I don't normally like reading The Verge yet the writing was top notch.

Link: The Verge - Max Headroom: the definitive history for the 1980s digital icon

Last call for Facebook...

Today, I have left Facebook.

Actually, I have left numerous times in the past and decided to go back on it a few months ago purely on keeping in touch with people. It started out okay for a few weeks with the app firmly fixed on the home screen of my iPhone until it became regulated into a folder of 'nonsense'.

What was interesting was my behaviour turning from a commentator of my life into a bitter, critical old fart possibly part of the UKIP. Mindfulness (a technique seems to be storming across the mental health world, I'll write about this one day. Honest.) kicked in noticing what I was doing.

  • What am I bitter or critical about?
  • How come I have turned into a cryptic, sweeping statement kind of guy?
  • Or being so angry all the damn time?

The answer for all of the above was simple.

I was trying to wake people up.

And by that statement, I have seen people become terribly entangled into the world of wondering if they are missing out, the endless scrolling of looking at recent events, catching up on comments from two weeks ago, tagging themselves senseless on photos of where they have been, checking in.

I was too doing the same until I caught myself at it plus noticing the time sink that has disappeared.

Then it delves into the murky world of politics, the hatred of Valentine's day among the singles folks, the couple who post "I love you" while sitting opposite each other, comments that developed into forks of roots branching out to nowhere.

It is a quiet voice from my mental health background to the masses to help people to regulate their time on social media and do something amazing. The simple ideology of helping to do the washing up, make the tea for your other half, being thoughtful, there is so much we can do for today's world.

I believe Facebook has no longer a place in this generation and the next.

We are partially connected throughout on this planet and we should be focusing into the next world of game changers ideas. Who knows that social media time sink is your secret formula to solving whatever is needed? I believe we won't have that long to find out and whatever it is, it's going to make a world a bit happier to live in.

New Year, New JavaScript Brain

2015 rolled on in and I'm feeling the itch to learn JavaScript from scratch...

var newJavascriptBrain = true;

if (newJavascriptBrain === true) {
    alert("Fill this up with stuff!");

(Note: Not for testing)

After a few years in web designing and development, I am starting to grow into a different area of the web which I am truly keen to learn and that is JavaScript.

So far, I have learnt about variables (number, strings, booleans), if/if else statement, while loop and expressions. It is a small scratch on the surface right now. Next up on the list is to learn about functions.

What I do find helps a lot is to constantly write crap. I do remember the days of designing and developing websites from day one was crap, utterly rubbish that I was proud of it. You have to start somewhere to get experience and learn along the way.

I am incredibly fortunate to land a good job where my line manager is keen for me to get going in coding in JavaScript. I have always managed to hack together codes and always skim over to understand. It is no joke when that happens and I always feel a pang of guilt. Sure you can fire up jQuery and do a little bit of coding where you don't have to do some of the heavy lifting but heck, I am not learning anything worthwhile.

Coding is one of my areas I want to develop so much in and always have been frustrated easily when I couldn't understand. It's the Beware the Smart Person's Mirage when it comes to the classic Fizz Buzz solving. Sometimes I cannot 'see' the issue due to the frustration of UNDERSTANDING instead of PLAYING with the code. I had an issue last week where I failed to understand the answer was staring at me in the face when trying to resolve an issue with JavaScript + HTML5 local storage.

Neverless, I have to admit straight away that I can't get it or progress further. More practice was required and be damned if I can get something out of the door.

For now, I can put together simple stuff and using jQuery to get things going (does anyone feel that you are being nagged that the code should be more optimized?!).

I will be dumping code over at my github account, throwing up tweets on my twitter and generally becoming passionate (perhaps sweary) on this blog. It's a big ask from me, I would love to get people to help me to code better in JavaScript by pointing out good and well tried methods, hints to sort out my code mess if it gets out of hand and encourage me to be better, better, better!

Here goes nothing!