BBC News and Flash

I think it's time for the BBC to relook at flash usage and replace the technology within this year or so.

I mean look at this (screen grab from work's PC where flash is exclusively turned off(!))

flash no?

It has already been done for smartphones/tablets. So why not desktops?

Signing in 3D Language

"Sign language is a 3-D language," Malzkuhn says. "We use the space in front of us, the space around us."

I do love that explanation. One of the best explanation I have heard about Sign Language in years.

Link: When It Comes To Learning For The Deaf, 'It's A 3-D Language'

The simple things

Sometimes it can be done in minutes.

Sometimes it can be a while.

Sometimes it can really drags you down.

That is what happened to me recently when it comes to a simple piece of JavaScript code which was written out in probably a minute.

I spent a few hours and yet I couldn't understand why it didn't work.

Turns out it was something else in the code. I was muttering for ages feeling that time was wasted. Sat back and thought about what I have done and learnt in the process. Research, playing with code, understanding how it works.

The simple things in life requires you to learn more.

It reminds me of a quote I have read somewhere some times ago...

"Give a man a fish, he will feed himself for a day, Teach a man how to fish, he will feed himself for the rest of his life."

Nothing is easy from the get go!

Early website.


Did I really created this pile of shit information homepage errr.. page back in the late 90s?

I was innocent okay? I had zero designing experience, discovered that html has to be in CAPS and I had giggles of fits ... look whatever okay?!

Christ, that IE button was the shit in them days.

I WAS 18! LOOK! APARTMENT ON THE NET. That was Angel Fire... or was it Geocities? We didn't have PHP to play around with and every goddamn HTML page were edited.

Seriously. I was innocent.

*sobs into his whisky jar*

Max Headroom

If you grew up in the 80s like me, you would remember some awesome and on the flip side of the coin, bizarre shows.

I don't normally like reading The Verge yet the writing was top notch.

Link: The Verge - Max Headroom: the definitive history for the 1980s digital icon