Start listening...

Waking up to this morning headline about Robin Williams was surreal because you didn't expect this to be happening for him at the age of 63. The general public would always thought the famous will grow old and die.

For some, they always live the life to the full with a closet of darkness behind them tormenting at every move. It is something that people with mental health issues have.

It's all temporary people would say, "Perk up" said people to Ruby Wax when she mentioned this in her TED talk about when she was sectioned with clinical depression, Stephen Fry suffers from it, and look, a LOT of people have depression. Don't say "Oh I know how you feel", "You will feel fine tomorrow", and a bunch of other nonsense phrases that people trying to make you feel better.

Enough with this nonsense and this isn't a "you don't understand let me explain post". This has been done to the death with people in the past few decades.

Let's change it.


It all begins with a simple "How are you?" and a good cup of tea or coffee (biscuits and cake are highly optional). Sit them down and do this.


Let them talk.

Give them time.

Words cannot form easily.

It is all abstract.

Just... listen.

To seek help or finding out more about mental health. Here are
some fantastic websites online:

Let's remove the stigma about mental health starting from today. It is no longer required in this day and age. We need to do this to help us.

Ghost 0.5 - Multi-user Support and More Slimes Available!

From The Ghost Blog:

This release represents a total of 616 commits across 471 issues from 61 incredible contributors all over the world.

And not only this, they have changed their release cycle. I have seen how they missed their targets and I never gave up in hope knowing that they can keep at it. It is food for thoughts how targets can easily be missed in this area... What are they going to do?

Starting today, we're moving to a more agile release process. Every 2-4 weeks we're going to ship new features, improvements and bug-fixes to Ghost. There won't be any more big-bang events like this one. There will be smaller, more frequent announcements that we've released new features, fixes and improvements.

These releases will be rolled out automatically to all Ghost(Pro) users as and when they happen. No input required. We'll let you know when there's cool new stuff on your blog - and you concentrate on using it. Then, 2-4 weeks later we'll ship the next round of improvements based on your feedback.

For self hosted users, you can update any time you like. We'll also push update notifications 4x a year, or whenever there is a critical security update.

A lot of exciting things are happening for this small and powerful blogging software.

Upgrade your copy of Ghost from their download section and check out how to upgrade yours. Remember to back up before and follow the instructions carefully!

Paper Paranoia

The blank papers stacks neatly in a row,
Happily squashed together,
Until someone tear open the wrapper...

Fresh air for the papers!
Freedom is at hand folks!
Flap your papers to the sky...
No, wait... what is that?

*whirrrrrr neeeeeeeeee brrrrrrrr*

"Dear Mr Brown, we would like to congratulate you on winning £1,000,000 on the pools..."

Ironing Marty Jones

Switch on the box,
Iron at the ready...
Collar, Marty, *whip*, "So once again, Jones, what was briefly yours is now mine!"
*switches* "Who? That bug George McFly?", Sleeve!, *scream*
*switches* *puffs of steam from the iron*, another shirt, "Innnndddddyyyy!"

Classic shirty moments on the box.

Sons Rises

Sun rises, household wakes up,
Sons awakes with scream of delights,
Parents awake with groggy eyes,
"Did we sleep in till 7:30 in the morning?"

Roll out! Roll out!
Fan out! Fan out!
Get the sons out of bed!

Run down the stairs laughing at the thoughts of missing "ME TOO!*"
Stumbling into the kitchen to switch the kettle on,
Ollie wanders in to make sure get his milk ready,
Felix grumps around the floor wanting his feed,

The splash of hot water hits the tea pot,
The silence scream of the tea bag drowning (Ha! ha!),
Milk splashes into the cups,
One lump or two? Giggles at the innuendo talk.

Saturday morning may be alright for some…
A couple of weeks, we will soon hear the *whoosh whoosh* of the TARDIS in the evenings.

* Me too! is one of the awful children's TV show of all time and it's up there with Balamory. Please don't find these shows online. Your sanity will be broken in pieces!